The Library of Unrequited Love

library of unrequited loveThis is bit of a cheat because I didn’t have a chance to finish the book I was planning to read for my Sunday evening post. I actually read this last week. I’ve started the book I was planning to read for tonight, but instead I spent the day packing to go home tomorrow, procrastinating, and exercising. Whoops.

I came to this book through a YouTube channel, as I did with The Fault In Our Stars, this time through a young woman who works in publishing. Her channel is called ‘justkissmyfrog’ and is mostly dedicated to book-related things – recommendations, reviews, and general bookwormy love. I’ve come to a few books through her channel, and found other booky YouTubers that way, and it was watching her channel that I was first inspired to write this blog. So, check it out, if that sounds interesting to you!


The Library of Unrequited Love is a novella by French writer Sophie Divry – I believe it is her debut. It’s only just over 90 pages long, a tiny book. You could probably class it as a short story, but the words are printed quite large so it fills the space. It contains the monologue of a middle-aged librarian who finds someone asleep in the library when she comes into work early one morning. It’s poignant and funny, a joy to read as a literary-minded person, even with my limited knowledge of French literature. The narrator takes us through her thoughts on aging, romance, her condescending and ignorant superiors, her frustration at being kept in the geography section when her passion is history and her knowledge of it far surpasses that of the person who gets to work there. There is also an extensive rant section on the Dewey decimal system which was very amusing to read.

Things I liked

I loved the format of this novel and its subject matter. Although it is an unusual format I don’t think it could have worked better in any other structure. It reads as a natural flowing soliloquy, as well as incorporating the blank canvas character of the person who was asleep in the library overnight.

Things I didn’t like

Very little. Maybe a little more background on the person who was found in the library, but it really wasn’t that kind of book.

Should I read this book?

Yes. If you have a spare hour, read it. It’s available on kindle, too, for those of you who really only have that hour to spend and don’t want to have to go out and get it or wait three days for it. Very enjoyable.

Sorry for the short/half-arsed post. Hopefully that won’t reflect badly on how much I recommend this book. READ IT.

* * * * *

The Book Depository

You can buy the book here:

Because I am trying not to use Amazon in my own half-arsed protest-y way, I’d like to recommend to people that they check out The Book Depository, which is a great, user-friendly site with affordable books ranging from brand new releases to classics, and in many different editions at less-than brand new prices. As I am now officially an affiliate of The Book Depository, I gain a small commission if you use my affiliate link to buy books! Please do check it out, even if you don’t buy anything right now.



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